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Happy Holidays!!
I have the gear to provide sound and lighting at your holiday party!

Live Sound Mixing and Recording
I provide all sorts of performance related services, but especially live mixing and recording.
I've added package and rental price pages.

Concert Webcasting
I've recently added live audio webcasting to the live concert mixing and recording services that I offer.

FFADO & Jack2

(formerly the Presonus on Linux pages)
New Instructions Posted!!!
For a couple years I have been running my Presonus Firestudio 26x26 with FFADO and Jack2.  Early on, I needed to compile FFADO and Jack and Ardour..., but these days, I just install XFCE from DVD, and add FFADO and Jack2 from the repositories, use it after permissions changes for my Focusrite and Motu, and after adding a line to FFADO configuration, I can also use the Presonus.  I can also use any of these interfaces simultaneously as pairs, but not all three together. 

Trey Dog Productions

My favorite photo (right now), World Trade Center, 1977My favorite photo (right now), World Trade Center, 1977

If you're looking for Bob Hamil from days past, I lived in Minneapolis many years ago.


Bob Hamil

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