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Chicago Afro Latin Jazz Ensemble in Boyne City
Sound, Lighting, Production Management, and Technical Performance Services



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Live Sound Mixing and Recording
I provide all sorts of performance related services, but especially lighting and live mixing and recording.


I offer basic lighting and sound packages for parties, concerts, and corporate events. 

Rental Prices

Rental prices for gear that is not included in packages prices.


I charge $1 per hour times the number of hours the sound system is on (average 5 - 7 hours for the average sound check and two music sets), for each:  
Stage mic/input and output (mains, monitors, subs, front-fills)
Sound board channel (both in and outs, including talkback and effects)
Each channel that is recorded (either stage channels or mixdown channels) 
Each channel that is webcast (usually two)

Dr Goodhart's Home Remedy
Original Formula

Saturday 5/21/2011 was the Dr. Goodhart CD Release party at Crooked Tree Arts Center, in Petoskey Michigan. I did part of the recording, mix-down, and mastering, concluding a year of work with Bob Schneider, Jim Gillespie, and the other band members.  This was the first concert that I webcast.


Trey Dog Productions

My favorite photo (right now), World Trade Center, 1977My favorite photo (right now), World Trade Center, 1977



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